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June 2015



Feature Article



Five Building Blocks of Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes

Niranjan Pathare & Will Cooper, Texas Instruments


Today, autonomous sensors are in use for a variety of applications. Typically found in smart buildings and factories, these sensing applications include humidity, temperature, and chemical gas monitoring. They are often placed in remote locations where line power is unavailable, so rely heavily on battery power to function. In order to provide dependable operation, batteries have to be changed often, adding to the total cost of ownership. Ownership cost includes expensive labor needed to change the batteries during routine maintenance.


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Fog, Edge and the Internet of Things



Wireless broadband communications has been an integral part in the realization and proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). Where terrestrial communications like fiber is not available, wireless communications like cellular and satellite have quickly stepped in to provide the communication means to enable the flow of data. However, with the increased push towards connecting more devices to the Internet and big data pushing billions and billions more bytes over our networks, there has been a slight shift in the architecture of some of these deployments.


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  Sponsored Announcement

IoT West Preliminary Program Announced

The Internet of Things West conference has announced its 2015 preliminary program. The event will host an array of IoT experts from companies such as Cisco, IBM, Schneider Electric, Jagaur Land Rover, Beckhoff Automation, B+B SmartWorx and many more. This event provides a forum to discuss new developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements in M2M, connectivity/telemetry, machine intelligence, and the IoT industry.

Preliminary Program Sessions Include:

  • Transforming Advanced Connectivity with the Internet of Things – Road Map for Achieving Massive Adoption and Application - Cisco Systems
  • Cloud as Opportunity for Enhanced Security - IBM Institute of Advanced Security
  • Is IoT Security Even Possible? - Ayla Networks/LockState
  • Staying Safe and Secure in IoT - KORE
  • Getting ‘Smart’ About Connected Device Privacy - Adler Law Group
  • Industry 4.0; What does this mean for you, your company and your future? - Schneider Electric
  • The Promise of SWARM Intelligence: Distributed Intelligence at the Network Edge - B+B SmartWorx
  • The Industry 4.0 Communication Standard: OPC UA - Beckhoff Automation
  • A Dev Guide: Connectivity and Wearables - Plantronics
  • Going Beyond Wearables with Ingestible Health Apps - InfoStretch Corp.
  • Testing Internet of Things Applications - IBM
  • Rise of the Niche App Ecosystem – Discovery and Security for the Connected Car - Jaguar Land Rover/AppCarousel
  • Software Makes the Difference for Device Manufacturers - Flexera Software
  • Edge Computing: The Next Frontier for IoT Strategies - Infobright
  • The Enterprise Internet of Things – The Roadmap to M2M Communications - Daintree Networks

Visit the Preliminary Program Page for More Information


  Industry News

The MEMS Business is Growing

Back in 2000, the total MEMS market was already growing strongly, reaching $5 billion revenue for slightly over 1 billion units. By 2014, MEMS had become an $11.1 billion business.AtYole Dveloppement (Yole),we expect a $20 billion business in 2020 with 30 billion units, saidsJean-Christophe Eloy, president & CEO, Yole. - click here to read more


IoT – The Way to the Promised Land

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are expected to deeply affect our industry and daily life, said Dr. Guillaume Girardin, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Dveloppement (Yole). In 2024, the IoT device market will represent a $45 billion business contributing to a total IoT market of $400 billion. - click here to read more


Why Intel is Considering Acquiring Altera

According to media reports, Intel has agreed to buy Altera Corp. for $54 a share, which is roughly $16.7 billion. Intels largest purchase comes on the heels of a long series of semiconductor mergers and acquisitions including last weeks announcement that Avago had agreed to purchase Broadcom Corp. for $37 billion. - click here to read more


Samsung Adds SIGFOX Internet of Things Protocol to Its New Samsung ARTIK Platform

SIGFOX has announced the integration of its Internet of Things (IoT) network protocol in the new Samsung ARTIKplatform and Samsung Ventures investment in the company. The integration is designed to extend the cost-effective and energy-efficient benefits of the network to the Samsung ARTIK developers designing IoT products and services around the world. - click here to read more

  New Products

Hoffmann-Krippner Unveils Sensor Solutions for the Internet of Things and M2M

Krippner Inc. SensoInk and SensoFoil intelligent sensing technologies can be used for Internet of Things applications such as process automation, position tracking and real time supply chain support.SensoInk is an accurate sensing solution based on printed polymer pastes. - click here to read more


Numerex Launches nxFAST iIoT Platform for Enterprise-Class Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

Numerex Corp. has releasedthenxFAST iIoT platform, useful for building and deploying secure, flexible, and scalable iIoT solutions for enterprise-class industrial and commercial markets. - click here to read more


Moxa Intros Industrial Cellular Gateway for M2M Video-Over-LTE

Moxa is helpingsystem integratorsembrace and take full advantage of LTE to transform M2M applications by introducing their first LTE cellular gateway, theOnCell G3470A-LTE. The unit features an integrated, high-speed 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch that allows up to four devices to be connected with the ability to NAT and route between the cellular connection and the wired ports. - click here to read more


ALK Maps Now Available in the SkyBitz InSight Asset Management Web Application

ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company, and SkyBitz have announced that SkyBitz has integrated ALK Maps with its InSight asset tracking and management web application. The combination provides SkyBitzs customers with real-time visualizations of interactive street-level maps with satellite imagery. - click here to read more



Event Listings


Remote Preliminary Program Announced

The 2015 Remote Monitoring and Control Conference has announced its preliminary program. The event will host an array of experts in the fields of SCADA, remote networks/telemetry, onsite power and security for remote and unattended sites. Companies such as GE Intelligent Platforms, DPS Telecom, Phoenix Contact, Elecsys Corp, LiveData Utilities, and many more will educate attendees on the latest ways to monitor, control, secure, power and network their sites. View the program.


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