February 3, 2016 eNewsletter

  • What Will IoT Be Like in 2016?
  • Disruption Battle for the Autonomous Vehicle
  • IoT to Benefit as Enterprise Smartphone Data Plan Revenues Surpass $200 Billion in 2020
  • MSPAlliance Enhances Global Standard for Cloud & Managed Service Providers
  • Application Store Joins MicroEJ OS, MicroEJ Workbench Toolset and MicroEJ Studio to Enable App-Driven Uses and Business Models
  • ROC-Connect Launches New Smart Home Master App and Ecosystem for Insurance Providers
  • MultiTech Launches Portable, Handheld LoRa End-Point Device and LoRa Proof of Concept Developer Board
  • Advantech Launches Modular Control IPC
  • FreeWave Launches Sensor-2-Server Strategy with Release of WavePro WP201 Shorthaul Communications Solution

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