December 2015 eNewsletter

  • You Talking to ME? Vendors Seem Skeptical About IIoTs Value
  • Advanced Geospatial Software Helps Cities Manage What They Measure
  • Smart Home Automation Hardware Growth to Exceed 1000%, as Installed Units Surpass 300 million by 2020
  • Daikin Applied Acquires Minority Stake in Cloud-Based Building Automation Company
  • How to Make Batteries Flexible
  • 4.9 Million Patients Worldwide are Remotely Monitored
  • Antenova M2M Releases Lucida a Novel Surface Mount Antenna for LTE, Cellular and MIMO Systems
  • Nordic-Powered Bluetooth Smart Controllers Transform Appliances into Smart Connected Devices
  • European Company Granted US Patent for Nanodiamond-Containing Polymers
  • Bat Blue Awarded Network Feature Virtualization Patent

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