Wittra Sweden AB Receives Significant Funding from New Investor

Wittra has raised new funds through investment by Gran Grosskopf. Wittra will use the capital for sales acceleration of its unique long-range, low-power positioning solutions for global IoT markets.

Wittra has developed a patented method to provide long-range positioning of a device, both indoors and outdoors, with breakthrough battery life. The disruptive and cost efficient technology enables applications in various areas such as vehicle security, maritime safety, elderly care, asset monitoring, pet lifestyle monitoring, public security and animal husbandry.

The capital invested by Gran Grosskopf in Wittra will be used for market expansion. Wittra has previously signed initial key customer contracts proving the technology uniqueness and commercial value. Now the focus is shifting to the acceleration of sales and volume deliveries.

Gran Grosskopf has an international reputation in corporate governance, is on the board for a number of large Swedish corporations as Chairman and board member, such as IKEA, PEAB and Tetra Pak and is a professor at the universities of Gothenburg, Lund, and Ume.

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