Vaultive Announces New Cloud Security Capabilities for ServiceNow and Oracle Taleo

Vaultive hasannounced the integration of its cloud access security broker (CASB) with two new software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications: ServiceNow and Oracle Taleo. The product integrations are the latest to take advantage of Vaultive’sCASB that offers a range of cloud data security controls and the capability to onboard new supported SaaS applications rapidly.

“While ServiceNow, Oracle, and other cloud service providers implement extensive security measures to protect their applications, many customers are still held back from SaaS adoption by regulatory compliance, international data privacy, and government data access concerns,” said Doug Lane, vice president of product marketing for Vaultive. “The Vaultive CASB gives organizations direct control over data stored and processed in the cloud, so they can eliminate security and compliance obstacles and unlock the benefits of using leading SaaS platforms.”

ServiceNow and Oracle Taleo customers can now apply Vaultive’s patented feature-preserving encryption and other complementary cloud security controls to sensitive data being processed and stored in the cloud. These advanced security features establish clear segregation of duties between the internal teams charged with protecting organizational data and external cloud service providers like ServiceNow and Oracle. The cloud provider has no ability todecrypt protected data, but the Vaultive platform preserves a seamless SaaS application experience for users.

Vaultive enhances ServiceNow security by providing:

  • Searchable encryption of text and file attachments containing sensitive information
  • Secure handling of incoming and outgoing emails
  • Added IT help desk chat security
  • Optional activity auditing and logging
  • Secure data migration from legacy systems

Similarly, the Vaultive platform improves Oracle Taleo security by applying added protection to personal information that is captured and stored throughout the recruiting and new employee onboarding lifecycle, including:

  • Searchable encryption of text fields and file attachments containing personal and financial information from job applicants
  • Secure handling of information transmitted to and from other systems in an automated manner through web services and the Taleo Connect Client
  • Oracle Business Intelligence report support
  • Secure data migration from legacy systems

“As SaaS application usage grows, responsible CIOs are seeking a unified approach for protecting sensitive data flows consistently across their entire cloud-hosted solutions,” said Ben Matzkel, co-founder and chief technology officer for Vaultive. “Our next-generation platform gives us unmatched ability to integrate new use-cases or SaaS applications quickly and demonstrate to customers that we can meet both their current and future cloud security needs.”

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