Upsight Announces the Acquisition of Fuse Powered

Upsight has acquired of Fuse Powered, a mobile supply-side monetization and ad mediation platform. By combining solutions, Upsight becomes the first platform to enable end-to-end user lifecycle management to maximize lifetime value (LTV). Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The combined platform, operated under the Upsight brand, becomes a single solution to tie data and actionability with revenue. Ultimately, Upsight offers the first platform to enable mobile app businesses to optimize both commerce and advertising revenue streams for the entire lifecycle of their users, with real-time segmentation. The demand for these mobile solutions continues to grow with the companies having seen combined revenue increase 447% from 2013-2015 while collectively tracking over 800M monthly active users (MAU).

“Upsight currently tracks and optimizes $2B of commerce revenue on an annual basis,” says CEO, Andy Yang. “But, ad revenue has become an increasingly critical component of the mobile ecosystem for publishers to monetize users. With Fuse, we now complete the entire revenue picture and can help our customers achieve harmony between the two streams.”

Fuse is the only solution in the market to remain neutral by not competing against their ad network partners with their own demand sources. Adopting this neutral stance with ad mediation allows Upsight to give their ad network partners the opportunity to win based on performance. “This allows us to stay true to our vision of doing what’s best for our customers and helping them generate the most revenue possible,” adds Andy Yang.

Newly appointed President of Upsight and former CEO of Fuse Powered, Jon Walsh, states, “Fuse has always been focused on making our publishers more money with less hassle. We are thrilled to join forces with Upsight to deliver the most comprehensive user lifecycle management platform to the world’s leading mobile businesses and help them maximize user LTV.”

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