TetraScience Partners with Consolidated Sterilizer Systems to Bring IoT to R&D Labs

Internet-of-Things company TetraScience has formed a partnership with long-trusted, global laboratory equipment manufacturer, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems. Together, the companies are leveraging the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud-based software to create a radically new digital experience for users of autoclaves in laboratories and medical facilities.

The culmination of this partnership is the launch of a cloud-based application that enables lab managers and scientists to monitor, receive alerts, and record digital logs of their sterilizer data. The app, accessible through the TetraScience dashboard, provides an easy-to-use, beautifully-designed software interface that enables managers to view and to record effortlessly sterilizer-specific operational data.

These features were built with the lab manager and scientist in mind. Given the growth in modern R&D labs, the quantity, variety, and responsibility for equipment increases in complexity. As a consequence, teams are constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiency.

“The future of laboratory equipment data management is here and were excited to be at the forefront of this IoT revolution in the lab. By incorporating TetraSciences cloud technology into our autoclaves, our clients and their laboratories will experience an improvement in productivity. Once this technology is adopted across multiple types of lab equipment, the implications will be profound,” said Arthur Trapotsis, CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems.

The value of cloud software is obvious for sterilizers: managers can remotely capture cycle data digitally, thereby eliminating paper-based record keeping, users can receive SMS/email alerts when runs are completed to maximize utilization, operations personnel can receive maintenance reminders to ensure uptime.

In addition to the usefulness of cloud-connected sterilizers, the technology was designed to complement the portfolio of TetraSciences products already trusted by labs, like freezer & incubator monitoring, and instrument utilization.

TetraScience CEO and co-founder Alok Tayi added, “Companies like Consolidated Sterilizer are thought leaders in how labs will be transformed in the digital era. Ultimately, we hope to support this rich ecosystem of manufacturers as labs and workflows become digitized, automated, and more data-driven.”

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