Telit Sponsors Interactive Website Where People can Learn About IoT

TelitDoorLockTelit has announced that the company is sponsoring theIOTORAMAWeb Project, which was commissioned by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and demonstrated at the 2015 Mobile World Congress. The site, which has been created by theAlpha-villeStudio, allows people to learn about the IoT in a playful way, and it has been designed to engage visitors in a game-like interface that allows them to explore various aspects of the IoT environment.


When entering the website, people are invited to discover different areas of life by exploring a network of geometric shapes that wander around the display. Animated circles depictfamiliar areas such as home, body & mind, culture, and DIY. Theycan be linked to data sources (red squares) and purposes (blue triangles).


For instance, by clicking the Home category, the interface unfolds related objects such as security door locks. With another click, you can link data sources with purposes in order to view examples of IoT security home solutions likeGoji smart lock app for smartphones.


This click & connect process is playful, but the result is educational. In this case it shows how connected locks allow users to control their home security via mobile phone applications, or web interfaces that connect to the installed lock.


The decision to sponsor this project was based on a number of factors. Its an elegant innovative way of demonstrating the possibilities and implications of connected technologies. And it shows how the IoT can be used to enhance everyday tasks that are taken for granted, said Alexander Bufalino, Telits CMO.



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