Smart Contact Lens Technologies?

With nearly one billion units shipped worldwide in 2015 and annual growth rate of 6 to 7 percent, contact lenses are a huge business. Smart contact lenses can potentially become an even larger market and present aunique business opportunity. Unlike other types of wearable devices such as activity trackers, smart contact lenses are currently in the early stages of the commercialization cycle and, as such, provide a lucrative target for investors, system developers, microsystems and sensor makers, fabrication equipment providers, and medical device companies.

There are three main application domains for smart contact lenses: (1) biomedical sensing to noninvasively measure conditions of the human body, (2) vision correction with advanced features beyond what is commonly available in existing passive contact lens solutions, and (3) displays for the ability to add augmented reality (AR) applications.

Some questions those looking at the market will need to answer are:

  • What are the existing and emerging opportunities for smart contact lenses?
  • Who are the key players and participants from technology, R&D, and commercialization perspective?
  • Which sensing and flexible technologies are being used or have the potential to be used?
  • What intellectual property (IP) is being developed for smart contact lenses?
  • What are the key related technologies such as ocular implants, smart glasses, as well as virtual and augmented reality?

To help MEMS Journal has released a new report covering:

  • Contact lens market — an overview, including types of contact lenses, industry size and growth, and trends towards smart contact lenses
  • Smart contact lenses applications — comprehensive review of existing and emerging applications for smart contact lenses, solutions, development projects and IP
  • Smart contact lenses platforms and components — details on smart contact lens platforms, systems, and component development
  • Smart contact lenses players — presentation of the main companies and organizations involved in developing smart contact lens technology and products
  • Related technologies — overview of technologies that are complementary to smart contact lenses

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