SIGFOX, ENGIE and UnaBiz Join Forces to Connect Singapore To Global IoT Network

SIGFOX, ENGIE, and UnaBiz have announced a strategic partnership and plan to deploy the SIGFOX global network in Singapore.The partners expect SIGFOXs cost-effective, energy-efficient connectivity to find receptive markets as Singapore implements its Smart Nation Initiative. This whole-of-nation program will include infrastructure, policies, ecosystem and capabilities to bring Smart Nation benefits to all citizens across many sectors.

Taking advantage of the simple and fast rollout of the network, which requires far lighter infrastructure than traditional wireless networks, the three partners expect to offer nationwide coverage by early 2017.

UnaBiz, the exclusive SIGFOX Network Operator in Singapore, will lead the nationwide rollout and drive the overall growth of SIGFOXs IoT ecosystem in the republic.

“Singapore is SIGFOXs first deployment in Asia and home to its regional headquarters. This is testament to Singapore’s strategic positioning as a leading global connectivity hub and a gateway for high-growth businesses to address the opportunities presented in this region,” said Meng Fai Tung, Deputy Director (Infocomms & Media) for the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). “The rollout of SIGFOXs global network in Singapore with ENGIE and UnaBiz marks an important milestone in strengthening Singapore as a Smart Nation and global player in the Internet of Things. This partnership is a significant addition to Singapores digital infrastructure, and a catalyst for greater innovation in Singapores infocomm technology ecosystem.”

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