San Diego mayor Announces Partnership with GE to Improve Traffic, Reduce Energy Use and Costs

Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer has announced that the City of San Diego is the world’s first city to partner with GE Lighting on a pilot of its Intelligent Cities platform, a software-defined lighting technology that will help San Diego solve some of the city’s toughest infrastructure challenges.

“San Diego has proven that smart infrastructure saves energy and taxpayer dollars. We believe that  the Intelligent Cities partnership will help us go further in creating truly intelligent infrastructure that helps us improve services to the public,” said Mayor Faulconer.

The Intelligent Cities partnership will explore enhanced sensors and Predix – GE’s oftware platform which allows for advanced lighting control, traffic and parking optimization, and environmental monitoring and analysis. The work on the project, expected to begin in the spring, will focus on an assessment of a portion of LED street lights and sensors located throughout the city.

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