Rohde & Schwarz Supports LoRa Product Testing for Development and Production

Rohde and Schwarz - LoRa devicesRohde & Schwarz has announced its support for the testing of LoRa devices and components. LoRaWANis a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated things in regional, national or global networks. LoRa devices are well suited for low-energy, robust communications and use spread spectrum modulation (similar to M-ary FSK) to make them less sensitive to interference. By adjusting the spreading factor, LoRa designs can be optimized for higher data rates or greater sensitivity, depending on the application.

Rohde & Schwarz has a suite of products that are ideal for LoRa RF transmitter and receiver testing. The R&SFSW signal and spectrum analyzer offers excellent phase noise performance, while the R&SSMW200A vector signal generator creates complex, high quality digitally modulated signals, required for early-stage LoRa device development.

For manufacturing environments, where speed, performance, and cost are important, LoRa devices can be tested using a series of products from Rohde & Schwarz. The R&SNRP family of power sensors offer a low-cost solution to measure output power, with unmatched speed and accuracy as a stand-alone sensor or as part of a production test system. The R&SFPS series of spectrum analyzers are exceptionally fast and compact and can be used for frequency and power measurements. The spectrum analyzers are only 2U high, reducing required rack space by 50% compared to more costly competing solutions.

And the R&SSGT vector signal generator is a low-cost, high performance unit that can be used for receiver sensitivity testing in production environments. The R&SSGT series sets the performance standard for economical, high-speed vector signal generation.

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