Red Lion Commits to Bring Clarity to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Red Lion Controls hasannounced an initiative dedicated to helping customers realize the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). A new Red Lion facility in St. Louis, the IIoT Innovation Center, will drive this effort through a focused engineering, product and sales team dedicated to building on Red Lions existing IIoT expertise.

Our IIoT Innovation Center represents a significant investment, and delivers on our commitment to develop products and solutions uniquely suited to drive connectivity in industrial environments, said Mike Granby, president, Red Lion Controls. We have been helping to enable the IIoT with cellular connectivity, protocol conversion and automation from before the concept even had a name. Red Lion has been connecting devices and moving data for years. We are ideally positioned to deliver the solutions needed to make the IIoT a reality.

Many customers and partners today rely on Red Lion to meet IIoT requirements by using industrial automation and networking products toincrease the value of legacy equipment with powerful protocol conversion,gain insight and drive productivity with data logging and communication capabilities, andscale systems management with control capabilities at the device instead of the central office

Specifically, Red Lions RAM 4G LTE cellular RTUs provide a secure all-in-one platform that integrates with existing equipment to enable critical remote monitoring and control. In addition, to fulfill the need of organizations to connect disparate systems and enable communications across devices from different manufacturers, Red Lions Data Station Plus and GraphiteHMIs enable protocol conversion for information sharing. Red Lions new IIoT Innovation Center will not only work to enhance these products, but also develop new solutions for M2M and human-to-device communication. To help drive these efforts, the following executives will lead Red Lions IIoT-focused team:

  • Brian Rosema, Director of IIoT Strategy: Brian has an executive-level background and over a decade of experience in wireless data, M2M, cloud computing and wireless network architectures. He has directed sales, business development, marketing and strategic alliances in a variety of roles with Red Lion, Protect Cell, Digital Highway Inc., Red Leaf Consulting Group, Invoice Insight and Oreon, Inc. He has a BA in Business Administration from Hope College.
  • Steve Gallagher, Vice President of IIoT Sales: Steve is a sales professional with 25 years experience delivering growth and leadership in M2M, wireless device and technology, manufacturing and industrial automation. He came to Red Lion through the acquisition of Sixnet in 2011, where he served as Vice President of Sales, North America. Previously he held positions at BlueTree Wireless Data, Red-M and Motorola. He has a BA in Business Administration and Commercial Studies from the University of Western Ontario, and a Diploma in Marketing Management from Centennial College.
  • Timothy Burgener, Director of Planning and Software Engineering: With 18 years networking experience and 13 years in cellular data communications, Tim brings deep engineering and technical knowledge to Red Lion. Previously a director and software engineering manager at Sixnet, he also spent 10 years as a senior software architect at JBM Electronics, Inc. He has a MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and a BS in computer science and math, both from Southern Illinois University.

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