Podsystem and iMotion Sign Deal to Power Remote IoT Applications Cloud

PodsystemM2M and Italian company iMotion Software have signed a deal to enable iMotions CloudMonitor24 IoT platform with PodsystemM2Ms best signal multi-network SIMs.

CloudMonitor24 is a cloud platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) that enables the development of smart, connected objects. The platform then allows these objects to be monitored and controlled remotely, and data to be gathered and analyzed so that events and notifications can be generated. CloudMonitor24 supports many different hardware platforms, including Arduino, Linux, ESP8266, Android, PLC and Raspberry Pi. iMotion Software also plans to create its own hardware boards to provide end-to-end solutions to customers, including the hardware, cloud platform and connectivity.

At the heart of the solution is the connectivity of the devices which enables them to become smart, allowing two way communication between the remote device and the cloud. Since the platform has been specifically designed for remote and often mission critical applications – for example logistics, heavy plant machinery, coordination of municipal services and security firms the reliability of the connection and the ability to remotely monitor and control the devices is paramount.

As a specialist in remote and mission critical connectivity, PodsystemM2M is providing its Best Signal, Multi-Network SIM Solution to connect the dataloggers used with the platform. The solution combines data SIM cards offering access to multiple networks in each country globally on one flat rate with an intuitive SIM monitoring platform to ensure complete control over the SIM base. A free 24 hour support service with M2M and IoT connectivity experts completes the connectivity solution.

The best signal, multi-network IoT data SIM developed by PodsystemM2M offers access to multiple networks in each country and if the signal is lost the SIM automatically swaps to a different network ensuring maximum coverage and reliability. With a large proportion of iMotion Softwares customers spanning the mountainous country between Italy and Switzerland, this facility is essential to ensure integrity of the CloudMonitor24 operating system.

We chose to work with PodsystemM2M because of their very competitive prices and powerful platform which enables us full control of the SIM cards at any time,” said Federico Mosca, CEO of iMotion Software. “Just as importantly, we love to work with professional people, and whenever we have asked for support or information of any type we have always received fast and precise answers.

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