Nordic-Powered Bluetooth Smart Controllers Transform Appliances into Smart Connected Devices

Nordic Smart HomeUltra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA has announced that OORT, a company specializing in connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), has selected Nordic’s nRF51822 BluetoothSmart System-on-Chip (SoC) for its OORT Bluetooth Smart controllers.

OORT’s Bluetooth Smart controllers enable home appliance manufacturers to turn any electronic or electromechanical device into a wirelessly connected one, thereby allowing consumers to directly control their smart devices via the OORT app on their iOS or Android Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone or tablet. With the addition of a Bluetooth Smart Ready and Wi-Fi compatible OORT SmartHub, devices can also be operated when away from the home from a mobile device or through OORT’s Cloud platform on a standard web browser.

The Nordic-powered OORT Bluetooth Smart controllers can be embedded into any existing device – for example, washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, kettles, and coffee machines – without any changes to the original hardware, allowing manufacturers to turn the device from a prototype into a wirelessly connected one within six to nine months.

From the iOS or Android app on the smartphone or tablet, users can locate any OORT connected device in range of their smartphone or tablet, name it, and add it to a group within the app, for example based on the room in which the device is located. The user can then control all of their wirelessly connected devices, setting rules, and creating scenarios around the operation of each device, for example turning on kitchen appliances in sequence as they are required.


With the addition of the OORT SmartHub, the user can connect to their home remotely via the Internet and control all of their devices from their smartphone, tablet, or via a web browser accessing a dedicated cloud platform. The SmartHub communicates with all the user’s connected devices via Bluetooth Smart and then uses Wi-Fi to ‘push’ data to the Cloud. From the OORT SmartHome Cloud platform automatic actions can be configured between connected devices, while the user can also collect information from the devices and process them into different reports, for example detailing how often each device is used or its power consumption.

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