New NFC Certification Release Launched

The NFC Forum is launching the new Certification Release 9, as well as updates to the current Certification Release 8 of the Certification Program.

Certification Release 9 provides support for functionality introduced in Activity 1.1, Digital 1.1, Analog 1.1, and LLCP 1.2. This is largely the culmination of an extensive collaborative alignment effort with EMVCo at the Digital Protocol level, assuring improved interoperability and compliance of NFC Forum devices across the industry. Certification Release 9 also introduces support for additional enhancements and clarifications made at Logical Link and Analog levels.

Certification Release 8 includes clarifications and corrections to some of the existing test cases and associated testing documentation.

The NFC Forum has been working with vendors to incorporate the changes into the test tools, as well as with theAuthorized Test Laboratories, to implement the changes into the certification testing infrastructure.

The test case changes to the Approved Test Tools have been validated, and the Test Case Categories List (TCCL) has been updated. The new test cases introduced by Certification Release 9 are now active for use in certification testing.

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