MultiTech Announces DeviceHQ Support for Leading IoT Application Platforms and Data Insight Service SDKs

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices, today announced the integration of industry leading IoT application and analytic platforms through its DeviceHQremote device management platform and IoT application store. IoT platform and service SDKs will be available for download from the DeviceHQ application store enabling developers to communicate directly with the services of their choice, including: AT&T M2X, Exosite Murano Platform, IBM Watson IoT Platform, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Universal IoT Platform, Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, myDevices Cayenne, OSIsoft PI System, Telit deviceWISE and Thingworx.

By offering certified connectivity agents to IoT platforms and their services from within the DeviceHQ application store, users of the MultiConnect Conduit programmable gateway can download and develop custom applications that connect their Conduit application directly to leading IoT services quickly and efficiently without the hassles of understanding data formats, complex middleware protocols or message sequencing thereby providing easy access to data insight, analytics and visualization tools for remote assets connected across a variety of wired and wireless communications protocols.

For those testing LoRatechnology, the integration enhances the value of the MultiConnect ConduitStarter Kit for LoRa Technology by enhancing cloud platform integration to the already robust set of development tools, including: a MultiConnect Conduit, LoRa Accessory MultiConnect mCard, MultiConnect mDotLong-Range LoRaWANcertified Module, MultiConnect mDot Developer Kit, MultiConnect mDot Micro Developer Kit, MultiConnect mDot Box LoRaWANSite Survey Tool – everything needed to rapidly get a LoRaWAN proof of concept up, running and connected to the cloud all in one box.

“Our cloud partners share our commitment to simplifying and speeding up the process of developing and deploying IoT solutions,” said Daniel Quant, vice president of Product Management at MultiTech. “Working together, we are taking the heavy lifting off the shoulders of our shared customers by providing a ready-to-deploy, intelligent hardware as well as essential software and cloud services for rapid development, deployment and dependable scalability.”

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