MSPAlliance Enhances Global Standard for Cloud & Managed Service Providers

The MSPAlliance has announced several significant enhancements to the MSP/Cloud Verify Program (MSPCV), the oldest certification program for cloud computing and managed services providers. The MSPCV is based on the 10 control objectives of the Unified Certification Standard for Cloud & MSPs. The enhancements include the following:

  • Infrastructure as a Service risk assessments
  • Microsoft (and other vendors) SPLA licensing controls
  • Improved corporate health reporting
  • Improved internal MSP security controls, such as password management
  • Significant improvements around MSP responses to ransomware and other cyber security attacks on client systems

“I am very excited that the MSP/Cloud Verify Program is adding essential enhancements to help managed service providers better serve their end users,” said Julie Machal-Fulks, MSP Alliance advisory board member and partner at Scott & Scott, LLP.”Many times MSPs have significant unidentified financial exposure related to software licensing, and a software audit can have a material impact on profitability.”

The MSPCV was the first certification created specifically for the managed services and cloud industry. Every certification comes with a written report with the entire process documented, validated and signed by a 3rd party accounting firm. The MSPCV has been reviewed by governmental agencies and regulatory bodies across the globe and is used and accepted in five continents around the world.

“These enhancements include both incremental changes as well as significant improvements to the MSP/Cloud Verify Program,” said Charles Weaver, MSPAlliance CEO. “Particularly in the area of Software as a Service and Microsoft licensing, the MSP/Cloud Verify Program is providing cutting edge advice to service providers by helping them steer clear of common software violations which could lead to potentially costly licensing fees.”

MSPCV was created, using a wide base of criteria, to certify cloud and Managed IT Solution Providers thereby ensuring that they have met and exceed well-established standards of excellence and client care. Customers who select a company that has been MSP/Cloud Verified can also rest assured that their provider has met and exceeded the best practices of the IT profession.

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