Microchip and Intel Collaborate for Enhanced IoT Privacy and Security

Microchip Technology Inc. hasannounced a collaboration with Intel to implement IntelEnhanced Privacy ID (IntelEPID) technology into its products. Intel EPID is a sophisticated, proven approach to device authentication that provides both security and privacy for the on-ramp to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Microchip has long recognized the importance of security in IoT applications, said Ian Harris, vice president of Microchips Computing Products Group. Collaborating with Intel to integrate its proven Intel EPID technology demonstrates Microchips steadfast commitment to providing the very best IoT solutions, by working to enable designers with the safe and secure interoperation of their things with Intels devices, gateways and servers.

By utilizing Intel EPID technology, Microchips customers can maintain end-to-end security and privacy in their IoT products and services, which helps them to protect data from device to cloud, minimizes unauthorized access of endpoints and gateways, and will promote a common security framework for IoT platforms, said Lorie Wigle, general manager of Internet of Things Security at Intel.

As more devices connectdevices that carry information about our homes, our businesses, our communities and ourselvesthe need is paramount for safe and secure communications that protect our data and our identities. Intel EPID provides authentication, allowing a service provider to verify that an end user belongs to a group authorized to access the service. It also helps protect end-user privacy, enabling them to receive the service without revealing their identity (they cannot be traced by the service provider).

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