Kerlink Plans for Internet of Things Expansion in US and Asia

Kerlink is proceeding from its recent stock offering the second one in less than a year will help accelerate the company’s expansion in the US and Asia. Kerlink is a fast-growing company and founding board member of the LoRa Alliance. Its suite of IoT equipment, software and services is helping to fuel the rapid global adoption of LoRaWAN technology, which enables the cost-savings and energy-efficiency features required for connecting billions of devices to the IoT.

Kerlink helps its customers in Europe and Asia design, plan, install and manage IoT networks for the full range of smart Internet of Things applications, such as fleet management, asset tracking, safety & security, parking, lighting, air-quality monitoring and water-and-electricity metering.

Since 2013, the companys compound average annual growth rate has exceeded 50 percent. Revenue grew more than 90 percent in fiscal 2016 compared to the previous year. Based on this market response, Kerlink is accelerating its expansion into Asia and North America, supported by its subsidiaries based in Singapore and Chicago.

Less than a year after its initial public offering in May 2016 that raised $11.4 million, the company launched a second offering on April 21, which was oversubscribed. The company announced on May 12 that the offer raised an additional $22.9 million.

William Gouesbet, co-founder and Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Kerlink, said the success of the recent stock issue highlights investor confidence in the companys growth strategy and its combination of network hardware, software and professional services. The company targets on the one hand large telecom operators that want to complement their broadband services with a dedicated cost-efficient, energy-saving and narrowband IoT network, and on the other hand smart cities or individual companies that want to deploy and operate their own IoT networks for smart value-added applications.

“Kerlinks success in the stock market stems from the growing demand for our comprehensive Internet of Things solutions, which address a broad and deep market sector,” said Gouesbet. “With more than 70 projects underway worldwide, the take-off of our market is confirmed and opportunities must be rapidly seized.”

“US companies and smart cities are sophisticated evaluators of available IoT network offerings,” said Yannick Delibie, Kerlinks co-founder, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer and president of Kerlink Inc., the US subsidiary. “They want future-proof, reliable and scalable turnkey solutions that enable rapid roll out and simple operation of their IoT networks, and Kerlink has proven in Europe and Asia that we can readily meet that demand.”

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