InventionShare Promotes New 5by5 Wireless IoT Application for Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced that 5by5 Wirelessnow provides the opportunity for companies to roll out a new suite of specialty IoT applications for the agriculture, horticulture and the forestry industry. 5by5 Wireless applications, including a local base station with the ability to provide large area wireless coverage, can provide business opportunities as the IoT becomes a reality.

5by5 Wireless provides five times greater wireless internet coverage and economical internet and wireless connectivity. 5by5 Wireless uses the UHF 90-1,000 MHz frequency spectrum. Developed by a team of experienced technology entrepreneurs with many years experience in wireless communications, the full duplex wireless communications system is a 100 percent hardware solution. It uses one 360 antenna that affords greater data throughput and wireless coverage up to 25 miles (32 km) – for a total circular coverage area of 1,250 square miles or 3,200 square km from one low cost base station. The 5by5 Wireless circuit also can provide full duplex over all spectrum to all wireless communications devices and is platform agnostic, providing safe, secure and immediate communications support wherever and whenever it is required.

5by5 Wireless can now be considered as the wireless hub for applications in the areas of rural connectivity, mobile hardware, remote sensors, mapping and field capture tools. As precision agriculture practices grow, automation of private and corporate farms is increasingly prevalent; wireless IoT and machine to machine (M2M) solutions for agriculture will be used for a variety of applications. 5by5 Wireless could, for example, provide communication through sensors (to and from a base station to the farm) which would allow for the checking of moisture and temperature, chemical soil samples, or monitoring pump power usage.

Sensors are now able measure wind speed, temperature, light, humidity and soil moisture. They provide data for analysis on optimizing plant growth and preventing crop loss through climatic factors such as excessive heat, light or frost. In the fermentation and production process, sensors can measure and monitor gases, acids and tannins that affect the final product. Sensors can also be deployed to monitor the environmental conditions in storage and distribution facilities such as cellars and freight vehicles.

The company sees theuse of sensors in the forestry industry, with semantic modelling of forests providing ground intelligence including the ability to delineate single trees from remote sensing data. This data can provide more information on specific trees and their geo-coordinates, the height and the diameter at breast-height can be determined. Data can also be used to generate tree maps, providing forestry companies with the exact location of specific trees and leading to selective and environmentally safe tree cutting methods.

InventionShare is open for licensing and partnership discussions with partners who may be interested in looking at new applications for large area wireless connectivity as well as traditional consumer markets.We think there is a whole universe of wireless solution business opportunities available,” said Waite. “The fact that we are able to cover large areas with wireless connectivity with a low cost, elegant wireless solution provides new large area IoT revenue opportunities for traditional ISP suppliers, communications companies and tower providers currently servicing a one dimensional consumer market.

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