Internet of Things: It’s All a Question of Heterogeneous Integration

The most important added value of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will come from process of generated data, explains Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest report, Technologies & Sensors for the Internet of Things. According to Yole’s analysts, IoT is a mix of hardware, cloud and data processing, gathering multiple applications from numerous sectors: industrial sensors, wearable electronics and home automation.

The IoT industry is a multi-billion dollar market emerging from several different markets. Under this context, the array of technologies already or soon to become available, is immense bringing the potential for significant business opportunities.

“Transform our environment to render it smart, this is the promise of IoT”, says Rozalia Beica, Yole. “Several sensing solutions are already available in different fields, however strong challenges are still ahead of us, such as development of new sensing, low cost and highly integrated solutions (Silicon Photonics - 3DIC & 2.5D TSV Interconnect for Advanced Packaging 2014 Business Update), protocols and standards as well as addressing the privacy and security concerns.”

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