gridComm and Virtual Extension Partner to Provide Bybrid PLC Wireless Networks for IoT/M2M Applications

Virtual Extension and gridComm have formed a partnership to leverage the best solutions of each company, to compensate for each technology limitation. The solution will synergetically increase the cost efficiency, reduce the time to market and even enable a whole new range of projects that couldn’t have been possible otherwise in the Internet of Things/M2M reign.

The applications that will benefit from it are within smart lighting control, smart metering, smart agriculture, smart city, smart water management, environmental monitoring, medical, security and safety industries and more. Being able to provide long-term smart solutions to businesses both small and large has always been of importance to both companies, and the partnership makes good business sense as well as it helps both companies to engage users at new levels. The joint R&D is supported and co-funded via the Singapore-Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation (SIIRD).

“Our wireless extension for DALI and IoT networks have already proven to be extremely successful in citywide streetlights deployment and industrial lighting control, as well as in smart metering and a large variety of applications that need to be high-performance and yet cost-effective. Adding PLC connectivity, such as for improving the communication in an underground basement, further increases their usefulness for our customers, as well as our company expansion into new markets” said Yariv Oren, CEO of Virtual Extension.

With three families of products that enable replacing the wiring in DALI by wireless, integrating DALI with IoT or using pure IoT, Virtual Extension offers today the largest variety of high-performance solutions for lighting control to be used in highway, street and professional lighting control. All the solutions are based on Virtual Extension wireless mesh technology -VEmesh, which employs space, time and frequency diversity, to offer the highest available performance in terms of high robustness and resiliency, practically unlimited number of nodes per network, low and deterministic latency, easy of deployment and maintenance and ultimately cost-effectiveness.

The same VEmesh technology is used also in a wide range of products in smart metering and applications in need of such high-performance, with most of these applications capable to benefit from the additional connectivity offered by gridComm PLC technology.

Leveraging its multi-channel frequency technologies in its GC2200 PHY transceiver IC, gridComm has developed a fully adaptable, self-configuring network solution, GC-Net, that enables the world’s most reliable power line communications solution. With an additional wireless PHY channel enabled by Virtual Extension’s market proven VEmesh technology, the combination can now provide a truly hybrid network solution that enables seamless and reliable communications amongst wired, wireless and hybrid wired-wireless nodes within a unified network.

No longer is the need to manage different networks separately provided by different communication technologies which adds to complexities and overheads in the systems. This brings upon huge benefits such as a common set of commands and network IDs can now be used to address and control wired, wireless and hybrid wired-wireless nodes.

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