FreeWave Technologies and Techneaux Announce new Intelligent Sensor Network Solution

FreeWave Technologies has partnered with Techneaux Technology Services to deliver a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) application with its Zumlink wireless IoT communication solutions.

“As IIoT implementations continue to evolve for industrial markets, we’ve recognized the importance of aligning our communication solutions with innovative software capabilities,” said Scott Allen, CMO at FreeWave Technologies. “We are excited to partner with Techneaux to offer an IIoT SCADA app solution to our customers who use ZumLink radios to tackle challenging IIoT communications at the edge of an IT network. The app allows our customers to turn on intelligence at the edge by giving them detailed visibility into various devices at the access layer.”

The app, created by Techneaux, features an IIoT infrastructure hub that supports visualization of data collected from edge devices. The visualization feature includes several important data points, including:

  • Stream analytics such as creating events with received alerts, averaging values, persistence of data in blob storage, and more.
  • Event Processing for reliable handling of notifications and alerts
  • Blob file storage (no SQL)

“Our partnership with FreeWave helps bring existing SCADA data into an IIoT network. In order to take advantage of the growing availability of IIoT based infrastructure and services, SCADA solutions need the ability to push data with context from the device instead of relying on a master/slave polling approach. ZumLinks app platform provides the ability to embed this type of solution in the communication device,” said Michael Johnson at Techneaux.

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