DSP Group and ProSyst Offer ULE-Enabled IoT Over OSGi

DSP Group, Inc. and ProSyst have announced a mutual ULE/OSGi IoT solution, which was created in the framework of the long-term partnership between the two companies. The co-developed solution is based on DSP Group’s ULE chipset solutions and ProSyst’s mBS OSGi technology, which manages ULE devices spread around the home or office.

The joint DSP Group-ProSyst solution will enable operators, telcos and service providers to make use of existing and new OSGi-based gateways and Over-the-Top (OTT) boxes to offer new home automation and voice services to their subscribers. Leveraging both the ULE and DECT RF standards, the solution will be available as full integrated solution, in the hub, or as an add-on in the form of a USB dongle.

The joint solution consists of DSP Group’s DCX81 chipset and CMBS (Cordless Modules Base Station) ULE/DECT software stack, which supports voice, video, control and data. The DCX81 chipset and CMBS also support multiple ULE nodes from major ODM’s, and run DSP Group’s DHX91 ULE chipset. Devices in the field are managed by ProSyst’s OSGi software platforms. The IoT gateway middleware, ProSyst mBS, provides the connection to the ULE devices, and the remote device management and software provisioning platform, ProSyst mPRM, remotely manages ULE devices via a customizable portal.

“We are happy to further enhance our successful collaboration with the DECT/ULE market’s largest silicon provider, DSP Group. With DSP Group’s standard ULE and HAN-FUN stack as part of our OSGi platform, we open new markets for ProSyst,” said Daniel Schellhoss, executive VP, ProSyst. “We’re seeing growing requests by our customers for ULE and DECT voice solutions in their IoT systems. Having such a solution integrated into our platforms creates new opportunities for us as a software platform provider.”

“We see a strong trend in the market towards OSGi-based solutions from our existing customer base, as well as from our potential customers, who need the flexibility and richness of the OSGi platform. That’s why it was natural for DSP Group to further enhance its collaboration with the OSGi market leader, ProSyst,” said Raz Kivelevich-Carmi VP of Marketing and Business Development at DSP Group. “With ULE’s compelling full-house-coverage value proposition, the fact that it operates over a dedicated frequency band and uses a simple star topology, and its complementary voice offering – there is no doubt that ULE is the right technology for service providers.”

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