BSquare Delivers Comprehensive, Business Driven IOT Solutions with AWS

Bsquarehas announced that it is working withAmazon Web Services(AWS) to deliver robust, scalableInternet of Things(IoT) solutions to business and industrial customers. As a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN),Bsquareis now offeringDataV, a complete IoT software stack, powered byAWS IoT, a managed cloud platform. This collaboration allowsBsquareto deliver comprehensive, business-driven IoT solutions on the AWS Cloud.

DataV is a complete IoT software stack that businesses can employ to connect remote devices, monitor data streams, automate corrective processes, predict adverse conditions before they occur, and, ultimately, optimize the performance of business-critical assets and processes. DataV can operate within on-premises environments, hybrid infrastructures and clouds like AWS.Bsquarealso offersDataV IoT Services, a comprehensive set of systems integration and application development services for IoT implementations.

According toMark Whiteside,Bsquare vice president, Solutions, “Deploying DataV on the AWS Cloud allows Bsquareto rapidly implement IoT solutions that help our customers address critical business needs. Utilizing AWS IoT givesBsquarethe ability to not only connect edge devices, but easily move data between those devices and the AWS Cloud. As importantly, the scalability, security and power of the AWS infrastructure allows our customers to implement long-term and flexible solutions.”

“AWS IoT enables customers to easily connect their devices to the AWS Cloud at scale, take action on the data they collect, and create a new class of applications that interact with the physical world,” saidMarco Argenti, vice president, mobile and IoT,Amazon Web Services, Inc.”Bsquareprovides needed device-level software solutions, coupled with cloud-level solutions that augment what AWS IoT brings to the market. Additionally, the IoT-specific systems integration skills thatBsquareoffers are a unique addition to our growing ecosystem of IoT-focused partners.”

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