BSqaure DataV Proofs-of-Concept Establish IOT Use Cases in Multiple Industrial Sectors

Bsquarehas announced thatDataV, a completeInternet of Things(IoT) software stack, has successfully concluded use case specific proofs-of-concept (PoCs) with multiple customers across disparate industrial sectors. These PoCs, often precursors to full commercial deployment, help confirm the viability of IoT use cases in industrial environments. Bsquare DataV provides customers with a complete solution that includes device connectivity, real-time data monitoring and automation, and holistic multi-domain analytics, enabling business use cases such as predictive reasoning and device/process optimization. This complete yet modular solution allows organizations to focus on deployable IoT use cases that truly drive better business outcomes.

Bsquarealso providesDataV IoT Services, a rich array of systems integration and professional engineering services that ease the implementation burden many organizations face as they roll out IoT systems touching potentially dozens of internal and external systems as well as hundreds of thousands of connected devices.

Among the use cases DataV has established in industrial environments:

  • A manufacturer of equipment for electric utilities can use DataV to provision and manage an array of software applications embedded in large populations of meters spread over dozens of utilities. As more and more intelligence is pushed into these devices, often over narrowband network connections, IoT device management becomes an exceedingly critical aspect of an IoT system.
  • A large commercial truck manufacturer can use DataV to improve asset uptime, reduce warranty exposure, drive down service costs, and improve product design. By extracting data from large fleets of trucks, this customer will be able to accurately predict failures before they occur and the repairs required to prevent them. Service technicians can be given precise, data-driven remediation steps and this information can be tied into warranty claims systems ensuring prompt and accurate payments.
  • A manufacturer of candy and operator of vending machines is able to use DataV to better manage inventory, ensure jurisdictional tax compliance, increase asset uptime, and reduce service costs. In this case,Bsquarepartnered withIntel,Microsoft, andAaeonto deliver an “intelligent vending” solution for a global confectionary company.

According toJerry Chase,Bsquarepresident and CEO, “For our DataV customers, successful IoT initiatives hinge on real-world, business-oriented use cases. We believe that tangible, achievable business outcomes will drive the market for IoT and that Bsquare DataV is showing IoT to be capable of delivering on its promise.”

Christian Renaud,IoT ResearchDirector at451 Research, concurred with Chase, “The IoT market is potentially vast but needs tangible business use cases in order to be more than simply technology in search of a problem. Unfortunately, many early IoT initiatives connect devices and collect data with no clear view as to how that data will be used.Bsquareis among the first IoT providers to focus primarily on using IoT to address real business challenges.”

What is DataV?

DataV is a complete IoT software stack comprised of modules that can be used together or independently in mixed-vendor implementations. These modules are divided into three categories that align with most complete IoT implementations:

  • IoT Device EnablementDataV includes modules for device connectivity but also provides small-footprint, on-board monitor and automate business logic modules in order to ensure optimal device performance in disconnected or response time constrained states. By going beyond simply collecting bits and forwarding them to cloud databases, DataV can reduce bandwidth costs and improve device efficiency.
  • Real-time Processingcloud-based versions of the monitor and automate modules provide real-time tracking and rule-based event processing that automate actions and workflows. In most instances, scaling and accuracy requirements make it insufficient to merely display quantitative information on dashboards. What is required is the application of business logic to device data and automatic orchestration of prescribed actions.
  • Data AnalyticsDataV also provides holistic, multidomain data analytics and predictive reasoning that can optimize performance and uptime over large sets of devices. In addition to predicting future conditions, DataV analytics can be harnessed to dynamically modify business logic in order to ensure increased accuracy and prevent rules from drifting out of alignment with actual conditions.

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