BluStor To Begin Shipping CyberGate Mobile Enterprise Credentials

BluStor plans to begin shipping in May its CyberGate Mobile Enterprise Credentials (MEC).BluStor’s biometric identification and data storage product includes AutoLogN and Mobile PassWord Vault (PWV), features that enable automatic authentication to a user’s devices and websites, subsequently eliminating the need for usernames, passwords or pins.

“Companies spend billions of dollars to secure the cloud and the devices, but the weakest link in the whole chain of mobile security turns out to be with the individual,” Finis Conner, BluStor’s founder and CEO, says. “The first thing you need to do is secure the employees who generate, share and manage content in order to eliminate phishing schemes, ransomware and insecure email use.”

Indeed, with 78 million medical records stolen; a 614 percent in mobile malware and email fraud; and a 165 percent growth in ransomware that is holding enterprises, hospitals and consumers hostage to their own data, BluStor knows that cybercrime and digital identity theft has reached dangerously dire proportions.

The reminders of just how insecure all of our digital identities are continue unabated. One only has to think back to last month, when email swindlers, posing as a legitimate employee, fooled a Seagate Technology employee into sharing the 2015 W-2 tax forms of all current and former employees a number exceeding several thousand, according to Seagate spokesperson, Eric DeRitis.

Other companies including mobile communications firm Snapchatand Alaskan ISP and telecom provider, GCI, have also recently fallen victim to W-2 scams, unknowingly giving phishing frauds over 2,500 employee W-2s.

In answer to this unrelenting spate of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, BluStor’s CyberGate MobileEnterprise Credentials via facial recognition; positive identification and authorization; secure automatic login to user devices; and management of all usernames, passwords and pins can effectively eliminate many types of phishing scams, ransomware and other types of email fraud.

“By leveraging biometrics, such as facial recognition rather than pins or passwords our Mobile Enterprise Credentials product provides the first level of defense in the mobile world,” Conner says. “This way, users can prove to the authenticating agency that they are who they say they are and that they are authorized to do what they’re requesting but in a way that is almost transparent to them.”

The CyberGate platform on which the Mobile Enterprise Credentials product is fueled combines high-performance computing with low power consumption, up to 8GB of flash memory, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low-Energy and a long lasting rechargeable battery all in a smart-card-sized form factor. By utilizing Bluetooth to interface with mobile devices, CyberGate allows users to leave the card in their wallet or purse for ease of use, thus minimizing the chance of loss or theft.

In addition, CyberGate’s multi-factor biometric security application GateKeeper acts as the “bouncer at the door,” securing access to the data and identity information stored within the card. Only the owner’s biometrics can access the private data behind the GateKeeper.

BluStor plans to begin shipping in May its CyberGateMobile Enterprise Credentials. The product is currently available for a pre-order price of $149.95. Visit BluStorto place your order.

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