Arkados Advances Industrial IoT Applications with New Arktic Software Platform

Arkados Group, Inc. (AKDS) has launched the Arktic software platform, its open and scalable M2M data analytics tool designed for Industrial Internet of Things. The Arktic platform is integrated with hardware from the Companys strategic product partner, Tatung Company, and is designed to drive wide scale industrial and commercial applications such as Energy Management, Measurement and Verification, Predictive Analytics and Machine Automation, enabling better decision making, reduced costs, increased efficiency and productivity, and ultimately, improved margins.

Arktic, an open software system, allows for integration with third-party products, and is designed to optimize the use of logic and data handling, making it cost-efficient and easy to implement for product development companies, system integrators and value added resellers. In addition, Arktic is a scalable and light-weight computing platform, which makes it equally practical for highly valuable point solutions including machine performance monitoring, and large scale implementations, such as Smart Building or Smart City.

The release of the Arktic platform not only represents a significant milestone for the Company in terms of product development, but also signifies its continued focus on innovating and bringing valuable technology solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things to market. With Arktic, Arkados is able to bring full-featured solutions to a range of customers in large addressable markets, where time and cost efficiency help to optimize return on investment.

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