Antenova M2M Expands Design and Support Facilities in Taipei

Antenova_engineerAntenova Ltd has expanded its design and development facility in Taipeis technology quarter Nei Hu District, Taiwan. This is in direct response to the increasing demand from customers for antennas for M2M and IoT applications.

Antenovas engineering resources cover the USA, Europe and Asia, with a specialist RF team in Taipei leading the companys antenna design and development operations. As well as designing the companys antennas, the same RF engineers also provide support to Antenovas customers, assisting by providing antenna integration and matching services throughout the entire design process. This work has increased since 2015 when Antenova introduced three new families of antennas manufactured from new materials, and increasing numbers of customers began to use these antennas in their designs.

The new product families are: lamiiANT SMD antennas for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Cellular and GNSS, manufactured from dielectric constant laminate substrates, ceriiANT ceramic antennas scaled down for small connected devices, and flexiiANT, FPC (flexible printed circuit) antennas which can be folded and inserted within an electronic device.

Antenovas Director of Antenna Design, Chris Tomlin explains: The new families of antennas are more suitable for todays devices and co-exist well with other major components. However, our customers dont always have their own test equipment or may be integrating an antenna for the first time, especially if it is a new IoT application. We provide architecture and Gerber reviews, passive and active testing, OTA (Over the Air) testing and SAR, which are all extremely important, especially when a customers product requires network approval, so we have expanded our anechoic chamber and test and measurement facilities in response to the demand for these services.

The expansion of Antenovas engineering facility in Taiwan follows the opening of a sales and support office in the Santa Rosa, USA, last year, where the building also houses an engineering laboratory which undertakes antenna testing and matching for Antenovas USA customers who need certification for their antennas.

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