Skywave Unveils IDP-782 for Fleet Management

skywave idp-680SkyWave has introduced the dual-mode IDP-782 communications terminal. The IDP-782 provides fleet managers with a single device for both cellular and satellite network coverage so they can stay connected to assets, sensors and people in the most cost-effective way possible.

“The IDP-782 improves operations and increases safety without the added costs of roaming charges. Whether it’s saving fuel, reducing capital expenditures or getting more from less, the IDP-782 provides fleet management applications with the best data from assets moving in and out of cellular range.”

The IDP-782 provides both configurable out-of-the-box software for quick deployments and flexible architecture that supports the development of custom applications for more complex solutions. Whether using the SkyWave AVL Agent or Lua, all applications leverage the most cost-effective network with automatic switching capabilities between cellular coverage (HSPA or GPRS) and satellite coverage. In addition, the IDP-782 features an optional 2.5 hour backup battery option to send GPS and other information when no vehicle power is available.

Examples of applications that will benefit from the feature-rich dual-mode terminals for fleet management of SCADA include:

  • Transport Vehicles – The dual-mode terminal provides complete visibility at a significant cost saving without compromising tracking, text messaging, e-forms, and vehicle and cargo monitoring.
  • Vessels – IDP-782’s satellite-cellular capabilities allow lower cost cellular connectivity for near-shore communications and satellite service for guaranteed and reliable offshore communications.
  • Oil & Gas Vehicles – The timely delivery of goods and services becomes the norm using SkyWave’s satellite-cellular communication terminal to track vehicles travelling in and out of remote areas, and with the improved cold temperature range supported by the IDP-782, harsh climates do not have to present an obstacle.
  • Mining – With the IDP-782’s reliable, always-on backup satellite communications, mine operators can easily collect location, telemetry, and sensor data in remote locations to protect valuable heavy equipment and keep drivers safe with advanced driver behavior monitoring features.
  • SCADA Monitoring & Control – The Modbus and sensor capabilities of the IDP-782 terminal provides the ability to monitor fixed oil & gas equipment and even provide power loss notifications with the built-in backup battery.

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