New Technology Promises Improved Reliability for Video and Wireless Communication

Moxa has unveiled two pieces of technology to improve network reliability for smart transportation applications, V-On Technology and the WDR-3124A.

V-On “Video Always On” is a video stream recovery technology on Moxa’s latest Ethernet switches that provides 50 ms redundancy for multicast video streams when used with Moxa’s Turbo Ring or Turbo Chain.

“It can take several seconds for the video stream to resume after a network interruption even if the network itself recovers immediately,” said Richard Wood, product manager at Moxa Americas. “With a simple configuration setting, Moxa’s V-On technology enables the video stream to resume almost as quickly as the network itself. This helps ensure the highest level of real-time reliability for mission-critical video surveillance applications.”

Moxa-WDR-3124AAlso featured was Moxa’s WDR-3124A, a combo Wi-Fi and cellular router designed to enable extremely rugged and reliable remote access to critical vehicle and passenger data. Four built-in Ethernet ports consolidate IP-based communications between the various onboard devices, sensors and cameras, and the built-in cellular interface transmits critical live data while in transit. When the vehicle is back at the lot or service center, the built-in Wi-Fi interface connects directly with the control center to share all accumulated onboard data.

“We are moving to a world where pervasive IP-based technology is enabling smarter transportation, more efficient traffic routing, safer road conditions, and more,” according to Wood. “We look forward to engaging with transportation integrators and DOTs to help them achieve the necessary level of communications reliability and flexibility.”

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