Hirose’s GT36 Connector Provides One Step Connection for Multiple Coaxial Cables

Hirose GT36

Hirose has developed a small wire-to-board connector that reduces the installation time of automotive rooftop antennas. The multi-terminal GT36 series connector provides a one-step connection of multiple coa
xial cables to the PCB, simplifying the mating operation.

The compact GT36 series internal wire-to-board connector enables the attachment of four coaxial lines to automotive antennas including shark fin antennas. The GT36 series has a rugged positive lock structure that offers a lock strength of 98 N. A clear tactile snap and audible click ensures proper mating, while a lock guard prevents cable tangling during wiring and accidental lock release.

The reliable plug assembly features a retainer that delivers secure terminal locking and high vibration resistance, making it well suited for automotive applications. Delivering excellent frequency performance up to 3 GHz, the GT36 series wire-to-board connector provides high impedance matching and low insertion loss.

When used with the GT21 Series in-line connector, the GT36 series further simplifies assembly and improves efficiency. The one-to-four position GT21 series in-line connector features low insertion force and is attachable with a clip.

The GT36 series is RoHS and ELV (end of life vehicles directive) compliant. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, the GT36 series has a rated voltage of 50 V AC, rated current of 1 Amp, contact resistance of 50 m ohms maximum, and insulation resistance of 100 M ohms minimum at 500 V DC.

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