GM and Toyota Implement Microchips MOST50 Networking Devices in Infotainment Systems

Microchip Technology, Inc. hasannounced that a wide variety of brands from carmakers General Motors Co. and Toyota Motor Corporation, including both volume and luxury vehicles, continue to deploy Microchips MOST50 devices in their infotainment systems. Their growing usage over the years recently resulted in the shipment of Microchips 25 millionth MOST50 Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC).

To date, more than 170 million MOST devices have been installed in 184 car models since 2001. GM, Toyota and all major carmakers have for many years successfully implemented MOST technology in their multi-node infotainment networking systems, as it provides a field-proven, low-risk, whole-system solution. GM and Toyotas networks utilize Microchips MOST50 INICs, featuring an Electrical Physical Layer (ePHY) that is optimized for use with Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) copper wire. The result is a system that can predictably and efficiently transport video, audio, packet and control data throughout the vehicle without time-synchronization protocols, using dedicated channels for minimal processor overhead in the main infotainment control unit processors.

The remote-connection-management and remote-control capabilities of all MOST INICs enable further options, including the ability to build slim (processor-less) network nodes. MOST INICs also provide industry-standard hardware interfaces to processor and peripheral devices for the efficient routing of audio, video and packet data, which greatly simplifies module designs. End users can immediately access the vehicles infotainment system, due to the MOST INICs ultra-fast network startup feature.

This milestone demonstrates the continuing global acceptance of MOST networking technology in both volume and luxury vehicle platforms, said Dan Termer, vice president of Microchips Automotive Information Systems Division. Carmakers, including General Motors and Toyota, have successfully implemented multi-node MOST50 networking systems. This is especially satisfying since the models employing MOST technology received exceptional results in the latest Consumer Reports vehicle reliability and JD Powers and Associates vehicle dependability survey rankings, where in-vehicle technology performance has become a larger factor in the vehicles overall rating.

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