AB Dynamics launches TrackFi Pro Reliable Wireless Network for Track Testing

Radio telemetry of Ethernet data is becoming an increasingly important tool for vehicle development and vehicle monitoring at proving grounds. Reliable data communications are often difficult to achieve due to multipath reflections from buildings and interference from other radio systems.

AB Dynamics is pleased to announce the availability of its new IP radio system with meshing capability. TrackFi Pro uses technology similar to that used by 4G mobile phone networks to overcome the problems inherent in traditional Wi-Fi based products. The technology was originally developed for military and policing applications, but is now available for use in the licence-free 5 GHz radio bands for commercial applications.

TrackFi Pro is powered by a unique meshing protocol which operates across the radio network, allowing any connected radio almost instantaneous communication with any other radio, even with no direct connection. The meshing protocol allows for addition and subtraction of up to 16 nodes without disruption of the total network structure: the network adapts in real-time to form the most efficient set of pathways. Data bandwidth varies depending upon the number of nodes in the network but is typically 4 to 6 Mbit/s.

In addition to Ethernet data it is also possible to route audio, video, and D-GPS data over the network.

TrackFi Pro is supplied with specially-designed antennas that are optimised for operation in vehicle applications. It is packaged in a waterproof housing with magnetic feet that can easily be mounted to the roof of a vehicle. Alternatively, vacuum mounts can be used to mount TrackFi Pro to vehicles with non-ferrous bodywork. TrackFi Pro is powered from 9-36 VDC supply.

AB Dynamics TrackFi Pro is already being used by major European car manufacturers in challenging environments with significant tree cover and close proximity to buildings.

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