ZitoVault Announces CryptoScale – a Scalable Security Fabric for the Internet of Things

ZitoVault Inc. has announced its CryptoScale platform,enabling secure connections among IoT devices and cloud-based applications. CryptoScaleis a patent-protected platform that provides a secure, end-to-end communication fabric forthe IoT ecosystem.

A new generation of security technologies is required to fully realize the potential of the
Internet of Things, said Tim McElwee, CEO and Chairman, ZitoVault. CryptoScaleprovides IoT users with a trusted fabric to protect against databreaches and disruption of critical infrastructure. CryptoScale is unique because itsdesigned to efficiently establish secure connections that truly scale to the magnitude of theIoT.

CryptoScale featurestechnology that dynamically establishes and maintains secure
connections between IoT clients and cloud-based applications. Its unique built-in intelligence scales to accommodate massively growing numbersof IoT devices.Software defined session management automates addition of new connectionswithout delay or administrative overhead. The software is also easy to deploy and buildfrom the ground up for cloud deployment and big data platforms.

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