Zentera Systems Announces IP Portfolio Expansion for its CoIP Platform

Zentera Systems, Inc. has announced that its IP portfolio now includes a Secure Virtual Network Platform patent and two additional registered trademarks: CoIP and Cloud Over IP. CoIP (Cloud over IP) is the company’s premier product that provides enterprise-grade security while connecting multiple data centers and clouds.

CoIP enables enterprises to connect and secure workloads on an endpoint-to-endpoint level while moving into the cloud in an on-demand environment. Zentera’s newly granted patent protects CoIP’s ability to move resources from the enterprise to the cloud while providing whitelist routing control. This capability addresses a key cloud market requirement.

“Zentera is pleased to extend its comprehensive portfolio of trademarks and patents,” said Mike Loftus, Zentera’s Strategy and Marketing VP. “Our unique approach to securing the multicloud and hybrid cloud market is continuing to build momentum among partners and customers. With CoIP, workloads can be connected together in a single environment, greatly simplifying cloud adoption while providing additional security.”

With features such as network encryption, microsegmentation and workload shielding, CoIP’s on-demand virtual network overlay combines cloud security and networking. CoIP is transport- and cloud-agnostic in its design, supporting virtual machines (VMs), containers and compute endpoints. It can be deployed rapidly without interfering with existing infrastructure or security measures.

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