Zentera Systems Announces APIs for its Multicloud CoIP Security and Networking Platform

Secured data transferZentera Systems, Inc. has released a set of API interfaces to its CoIP (Cloud over IP) platform for sophisticated overlay virtual security and networking. These APIs allow Zentera’s partners and customers to access the key features of CoIP programmatically. The company will make its API interface generally available in Q4.

“Our customers have expressed to us that their security solutions need to work together seamlessly across any cloud or enterprise environment,” said Jason Lee, Zentera’s Chief Network Security Architect. “By providing APIs, CoIP can be incorporated into customers’ existing management and orchestration platforms. Additionally, CoIP can be easily integrated into network services such as intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS), enabling them to operate across multiple cloud and enterprise environments. CoIP is unique in offering API access for what’s been described as northbound network and security integration.”

CoIP is an on-demand virtual network overlay that provides hybrid cloud and multicloud security and networking together with network encryption, microsegmentation and application whitelisting. It is cloud and transport agnostic, supporting virtual machines (VMs), containers and compute endpoints. CoIP can be deployed rapidly without interfering with existing infrastructure or security measures.

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