Sergeant Laboratories’ UDAPE, the Unique Model Behind Its Complete Security Solution

Sergeant Laboratories Inc AristotleInsights UDAPE ModelSergeant Laboratories recently announced the acronym UDAPE, which stands for User, Device, Application, Process, Endpoint. UDAPE is the model that drives the revolutionary way Sergeant Laboratories’ esteemed AristotleInsightBig Data Analytics solution collects, organizes, and analyzes security data.

At the heart of the UDAPE model is an unparalleled ability to collect, link, and organize security data from the User, to the Device, to the Application, to the Process, and finally to the Endpoint. As a result of this robust data harvesting, an organization’s entire IT environment can be scanned and analyzed to quickly locate cyber security threats.

Before AristotleInsight, it was impossible for IT professionals to efficiently collect such large amounts of data from swamped networks. Even if they did gather data from silos, there was no efficient way for cyber security analysts to even organize and analyze the data.

Sergeant Laboratories Director of Technology David Losen stated that, “After years of building and refining AristotleInsight, we were really striving for a way to describe just how powerful the tool can be for information security. With the creation and trademark of UDAPE, we feel that we can really explain to security professionals exactly what data we collect that other solutions simply don’t have the power to gather.”

AristotleInsightis the only Big Data Analytics solution that employs UDAPE to track activity from User, Device, Application, Process and Endpoint. By doing so, the software removes data from silos and allows all security professionals to quickly harness data to find and mitigate cyber threats. The single-pane software’s visualization capabilities allow security professionals to spot anomalies and uncover relationships and patterns. As a result, security professionals can act upon insights to stop crime. AristotleInsightstores data for years, so that security professionals can go back in time to make comparisons, check baselines, and investigate incidents after the fact.

In addition to the unique UDAPE process, AristotleInsightallows security professionals to manage acceptable use, privileged user monitoring, configuration drift tracking, user behavior analysis, and vulnerability and threat intelligences. When professionals can use one piece of software to perform all these functions, they save time gathering information and can act faster. This means more time spent identifying and deterring cyber criminals.

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