OffSite Vision Launches EmergenZ Asset Secure

OffSite Vision Holdings, Inc.(OSVH), specialists in real-time security and safety solutions, has launched ofEmergenZAsset Secure, a product that allows security personnel and facility managers the ability to automate inventory management and account for valuable assets in real-time. EmergenZ Asset Secure utilizes specialized activity indicators that identify and track enabled assets, sending immediate alerts if assets are taken outside the facility or beyond preconfigured perimeters. This solution significantly reduces the need for manual asset management and monitoring, providing managers with real-time location data for their assets which is cloud-accessible and available 24/7.

This cost-effective solution can integrate easily as a layer in front of other security systems such as video surveillance and access control systems. Access to real-time location data is provided through a secure cloud management platform. Customers can pull full inventory tracking and history reports on the fly for full visibility and quickly identify and account for real-time location of assets. In addition, users can access up-to-the-minute location data and filter location data by predesignated criteria that includes individual zone, multiple zones, and more.

This new addition to the EmergenZTEvacuation and Response product suite makes it possible for users to prevent losses before they happen, minimizing shrinkage to create significant savings for businesses.

We are very excited to be launching EmergenZ Asset Secure to help businesses transform the once seemingly impossible task of managing valuable assets or inventory into a simpler one with this state-of-the-art solution, states Mark Eklund, OSVHs President.

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