Developers Cite Software as Greatest Threat to IoT Security

When working with Internet of Things applications, security becomes of paramount importance, and 31 percent of developers active in the IoT space believe that the greatest trouble spot for IoT security lies within the software or firmware for connected devices, according to Evans Datas recent Internet of Things Development survey. The survey of over 500 IoT developers also showed that over half (55 percent) thought that security was extremely important to their organizations, with 32 percent saying it is somewhat important.

Other major security threats cited for IoT development included exposing data to mobile clients (22 percent) transmission of data through a network or cloud (16.7 percent) and the physical security of devices (13.8 percent)

Security is without doubt the most serious problem that developers face with Internet of Things and for good reason, said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. With IoT and connected devices were bringing software out of the computer and into the real world, where cyber attacks or hacking can bring real world consequences. Developers understand this and take it quite seriously.

Developers are employing a number of security mechanisms to combat security threats; the most commonly cited being context-aware access control, endpoint threat detection, real-time security analytics, and Cloud access security control.

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