Axis Acquires IP Intercom Company 2N

2N announced on May 30 that it had signed an agreement to be acquired by Axis Communications, an IP video surveillance company, in a strategic decision to add intercom to its IP security portfolio. It was also announced that the 2N brand will remain and the company will operate as a subsidiary within the Axis group.

2Ns route to market and IP focus makes this a logical acquisition for Axis, who is in strong position to develop and market 2Ns existing product line.

This acquisition will also give Axis a stake in the market for audio and video door phones, which IHS forecast will reach nearly $2.6 billion by 2020. However, the true value in the acquisition is not likely to come from Axiss ability to penetrate the audio and video door phone market but in its strengthened ability to provide a more complete IP security solution (a position that Axis have been building in recent years).

The market for open IP audio and video door phones is forecast to grow much faster than the alternative market for traditional analog door phones. However, in recent yearsthere has been the emergence of a third market, in the form of video doorbells, which has the potential to hamper sales of IP video door phone. These products have similar functionality to a residential video door phone, with two-way audio and an integrated HD camera. The main difference is the outdoor unit is synced to the users smartphone rather than a fixed indoor unit.

Vendors have already announced partnerships with large residential security companies and the video doorbells will offer additional product options in the smart home and residential security businesses. The video doorbell market also attracted considerable investment over the two years to 2016, which has allowed for comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns.

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