Advantech Industrial SSD Solution SQFlash with Intel Security Solution

SQFlashAdvantechs Industrial Automation Group has announced collaboration with Intel Security to integrate McAfee antivirus into Advantechs Industrial Storage-SQFlash Security Package.

Advantech SQFlash includes industrial SSD, CF cards, and multiple form factor storage; all empowered by comprehensive security features such as Flash Lock, Security ID, and Emergency Erase. It represents a total solution for data and storage security in many different vertical markets such as automation and defense industries. SQFlash Security Package helps protect not only confidential data, but also software intellectual property. For applications such as KIOSK and POS systems that use external ports for connecting thumb drives / SD cards, McAfee antivirus offers an additional layer of system protection from malware attack.

Advantech SQFlash is a dedicated industrial storage product line with provides highly reliable NAND flash storage products combined with advanced storage solution services for various industrial verticals. SQFlash provides a complete security solution package for protecting user data and software from the system level all the way up to the SSD NAND Flash chip level. All these SQFlash features have successfully helped system integrators build more secure systems with minimum effort.

The scanning technology of Intel Securitys product has been battle-tested over many years and it is the foundation of responses to the threats of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is designed to detect treats found in the field but also those that might become widespread at some point in the future. With Intel Securitys McAfee antivirus built into SQFlash, data and all the storage drives in the system with SQFlash are constantly scanned for threats.

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