Micron Electronics Announces Tracking Devices for Long-Term, Multi-Year Monitoring

Micron Electronics LLC has announced additions to its suite of Wi-Fi tracking devices, expanding customers ability to wirelessly monitor fleets, equipment and personnel for a more comprehensive view.

Designed for multi-year deployments, the portable Model V and Model S tracking devices are ideal solutions for tracking automotive fleets, trailers, RVs, even costly equipment such as generators and construction lighting, all of which typically have their own batteries. The devices can be affixed to the assets batteries, which provide long-term, reliable power and ensure functionality year after year. With the external power source, the trackers can remain in place for long periods of time without requiring battery charges or replacements. The new models also have internal battery backups in the event the main battery source is turned off or goes down.

“These new tracking devices really broaden our product portfolio, and give our customers a complete suite of technologies that span personnel monitoring, asset tracking and devices for long-term, multi-year deployments,” says Martin Hinojosa, field application engineering manager at Micron Electronics. “This makes Micron the one-stop-shop for all of a company’s wireless monitoring needs, whether that’s to monitor patients or personnel, or tracking trailers as part of a large logistics fleet, or a combination of use cases.

The Model V and Model S each can be used to accurately locate assets within 2.5 meters and feature a waterproof enclosure with an IPX6 rating (meaning it is impervious to dust, heavy splashing and rain), a 50-channel GPS, and Wi-Fi location tracking. A 3-axis accelerometer provides motion alerts and can be configured against thresholds. The devices can also send out low-battery notifications, are protected by tamper switches that detected unauthorized attempts at removal, and feature ultra-low-power sleep modes to conserve battery power.

The Model V measures 103 by 67 by 40 millimeters and has a 6,500 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion backup battery. The Model S is smaller, measuring 111.7 by 45.5 by 25 millimeters, and is well suited for tracking trailers and smaller assets. It has an 850 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion backup battery.

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