XpertRule Release M2M Remote Condition Monitoring Solution for Industrial Applications

XpertRule has developed a Cloud based M2M (machine to machine) solution for monitoring the condition of remote industrial plant and equipment with an intelligent Mobile user interface running as an App on iOS or Android.

XpertRuleThe solution utilizes the XpertRule Decision and Analytics Engine running 24/7 on a Cloud server to monitor incoming data from site based measurements and automatically alerts site personnel andor a remote technical support team in the event of patterns in the data indicating a developing equipment problem.The patterns are based on rules derived from  the knowledge and experience of technical experts combined with the use of Predictive Analytics based on  rules or models derived from historic records of operating data

An intelligent user interface, running as an App on iOS or Android and developed using the XpertRule mobile app deployment technology, provides real time displays and guided workflows for diagnosing and troubleshooting the root cause of equipment problems.

The solution enables equipment manufacturers and operators to provide improved support to end users of industrial plant by minimising the impact of equipment failures on production through earlier detection and resolution of any problems before they impact plant operations and results in fewer site visits as many problems can be solved remotely. It can be easily applied to new equipment or retrofitted to an existing installation.

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