Podsystem Launches M2M ‘Startup Support Packs’ for Hardware Startup Sector

Podsystem M2M has launched Startup Support Packs, a new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity support and advice service specifically tailored for hardware startups and internet of things (IoT) applications developers.

“At Podsystem we understand the challenges faced by new companies just getting started,” said Sam Colley, CEO of Podsystem Inc. USA. “In the technology sector it’s crucial to move quickly to test products and applications and get them to market before the competition. The ethos behind our Startup Support Packs is to work with new companies to gain a deep understanding of their businesses by accompanying them throughout every stage of their development, to help ensure they can focus on growing successful companies.”

Podsystem M2M Startup Support Packs enable businesses to determine their data use requirements and test out pre-paid Podsystem SIM cards on a short term trial basis with no obligation and no need to sign a lengthy contract.

“We want to help new startups in M2M hardware and Internet of Things (IoT) application developers to break through in this sector,” said Colley. “New companies need a safe environment to develop their products without the risk of signing a 12 or 24 month contract before they have been able to fully test the functionality, performance and data use requirements of their devices or applications.”

Podsystem has specialist knowledge across a wide variety of M2M industry sectors and applications and works to provide comprehensive support to M2M hardware startups and IoT application developers throughout the development process to help ensure devices connect and transmit data effectively.


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