Laird Offers Combined Solution for Rapid Integration of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

LairdBT830Laird has released the 45 series Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi modules and BT830 series Bluetooth v4.0 UART HCI (Host Controller Interface) modules. Both solutions service key application areas including, AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) devices, medical devices, barcode scanners and M2M connectivity. While each module can be used as a standalone solution, together, they combine to enable integration of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for enterprise and industrial applications.

With the bundled solution, OEMs can expand their offering while continuing to offer reliable connectivity and security to customers. For instance, an OEM can move from offering an AIDC back-office solution for asset management to an advanced retail solution for shoppers to utilize and experience. An OEM can provide Wi-Fi connectivity to end-customers (45 series) and Bluetooth connectivity for peripherals (BT830) in a personal shopping device.

“Whether taking these modules as standalone wireless options or as a fully validated bundle solution, the logistics and industrial markets will benefit through a stable multi-wireless environment with extensive driver and integration support spanning virtually every major operating system,” said Jonathan Kaye, product director, Laird.

The Laird BT830 series modules are cost-effective Class 1 UART (Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) based BT v4.0 HCI modules with complete RF and regulatory certifications. This series strengthens Laird’s existing Dual Mode BTv4.0 HCI module portfolio (BT800 Series) and reduces the OEM’s time to market for BT/BLE connectivity for OS backed devices.

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