Tripp Lites Releases High-Density Copper/Fiber Cassette Solutions

TrippLiteN48412M12Tripp Lite has introduced a line of high-density copper/fiber cassette solutions that allow users to interconnect any combination of 10 Gb, 40 Gb and 100/120 Gb network equipment in a simple, elegant and highly flexible way. This line of cassettes and chassis expands TrippLites solutions to support a wide range of applications and protocols in high-density telecom and data center environments.

The only solution currently on the market that offers cassettes for both copper and fiber cabling, it negates the need for costly, hard-to-manage custom breakout cables. With TrippLites modular cassette solution, all cabling and components are standard, off-the-shelf and readily available. The easy-to-use cassettes insert into a 0U or 1U enclosure panel for an interconnected copper and fiber infrastructure, allowing a large number of connections to be made in a small space. When changes to network equipment occur, the design can be modified or upgraded simply by swapping out or adding cassettes to suit the users needs.

The unit works with both copper and fiber installations, is interchangeable between 0U and 1U enclosure panels and supports single-mode and multi-mode applications. It is also uniquely designed for both front- and rear-mounting capabilities with easy-access cable management.

Supports single-mode and multi-mode applications

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