TI Introduces Low Latency, High ESD Industrial Gigabit Ethernet PHYs

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a low latency and high electrostatic discharge (ESD) industrial Gigabit Ethernet physical layers (PHYs). The new family of six devices enables engineers to bring real-time industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities to rugged factory automation systems, motor drives, and test and measurement equipment.

The DP83867 family meets stringent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards, reduces power consumption, and offers designers flexibility with multiple temperature, media access control (MAC) interface and packaging options.

Key features and benefits of the DP83867 industrial Gigabit Ethernet PHYs

  • Industrys lowest latency: Latency is less than 400 nanoseconds (ns) at 1,000 Mbps and 100 Mbps 50 percent better than the competition. This reduces controller cycle times, improving real-time performance of standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet connections in industrial systems.
  • Industrys highest ESD protection: ESD protection exceeds 8 kV to surpass IEC 61000-4-2 standards, which is four times better than the competition. High ESD protection reduces the failure rate of Industry 4.0 systems by shielding against high-voltage faults.
  • EMI mitigation: The DP83867 exceeds stringent standards for EMI/EMC from International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Comit International Spcial des Perturbations Radiolectriques (CISPR) and European Standards (EN). By exceeding the EN55011/CISPR11 Class B-level testing standards, the DP83867 gives designers more design headroom so that they can go to production faster.
  • Power savings: Wake-on-local area network (LAN) (WoL) and power-down modes offer energy savings when the system is in a standby state. In addition, the DP83867 offers active power consumption of less than 460 mW, which is at least 30 percent lower than the competition.
  • Scalability across the temperature range: The DP83867 family offers options that allow designers to design across the full temperature range from -40oC to 105oC. This enables designers to adapt one design for multiple temperature environments, from commercial to extended industrial temperatures.

Evaluation modules (EVMs) available from the TI store and authorized distributors enable designers to quickly and easily evaluate the new devices. The DP83867IRPAP-EVM supports the gigabit media independent interface (GMII) and reduced GMII (RGMII) and is priced at US$199, and the DP83867ERGZ-R-EVM supports RGMII and is priced at $199. Designers can download IBIS models and the JTAG BSDL model to further speed evaluation.

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