MultiTech Releases New Internet of Things Technology Platform – MultiConnect Conduit

multiconnect_conduitMultiTech has released new cellular gateway technology platform, MultiConnect Conduit.  Each Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands of mDots and other sensors and transmit their data over any cellular network to a customer’s preferred data management platform.  mDots are inexpensive radios using the new LoRa low power, wide area RF modulation.  mDots bring intelligence to the edge of the network by running ARM’s mbed operating system at the end node.

Out of the 50 billion predicted nodes to be connected to the Internet by 2020 fewer than 10 percent are predicted to use cellular technology. Telecommunications companies will need long range, high capacity systems to consolidate the fragmented battery operated wireless market for sensor networks, smart cities, smart metering, security systems, smart home, and industrial control. With the LoRa RF platform, Semtech has developed a 2-way wireless solution that complements M2M cellular or WiFi infrastructure, and provides a low-cost way to connect battery operated and mobile devices to either the network infrastructure or end point.

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